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Social Media

Many Highline departments, programs, organizations and divisions use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to enhance college related communication with students and our community. View Highline College social media links.

To support these efforts, Exec Staff approved Electronic Social Media Procedure. The purpose of the procedure is to make sure social media accounts opened on behalf of Highline fall within college operations, follow applicable college policies and procedures, and provide for site transferability.

Social Media Guidelines

Posting to existing Highline College social media

Facebook iconWant to post something on
the Highline Facebook Page?

  • If you have a Highline associated Facebook account, you are welcome to post on the Highline Facebook page. It will be YOUR responsibility to reply to any comments related to your post.
  • If you DON’T have a Highline associated account, send an email to Communicaitons and Markting will:
    • Post your message
    • Follow up on comments/questions as appropriate

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the Highline Twitter Page?

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