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Highline College Grant Process

Each year Highline College submits or participates in the submission of many grant applications in support of multiple projects and programs. The Institutional Advancement Office, the first step in submitting a successful grant proposal, is happy to partner with faculty and staff to provide the highest quality grant administration at all stages of grant development, from identifying funding sources through award closeout.

In an effort to strengthen and streamline Highline’s grant procurement efforts, a Grant Process and a Grant Application Approval form have been developed for your use.

The reasons for this process are many, including an increase in faculty and staff interest in obtaining additional funding in support of student programming. Other reasons include:

  • Increasing our ability to successfully vie for funding in support of our four strategic plan Initiatives:
    1. Achieve excellence in teaching and learning.
    2. Enhance a college climate that values diversity and global perspectives.
    3. Strengthen and expand the presence and role of the college within the communities it serves.
    4. Sustain an open and collaborative environment that is responsive to the needs of the college community and that promotes good stewardship of the college’s financial resources.
  • Streamlining administrative processes and minimizing the administrative burden for investigators conducting grant-funded programs.
  • Making certain grant applications submitted to funders meet the high quality standards of Highline College.
  • Maintaining the College’s reputation with funders as a responsive and responsible grantee.
  • Making certain that the promises made in applications for in-kind or cash matches, asset leveraging and reporting are tracked and available when reviewed or audited.
  • Determining the need to contract with grant writing consultants for the purpose of developing a comprehensive and successful proposal.

For more information contact Kevin Corrigan, Associate Director of Grants, 206-592-4266

Grant Management
The Budget Office oversees the management of grant funds.

Visit their website to get a handbook to help you with the grant process.